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Welcome to   My name is Tammy McGary.  I live in Sulphur Springs, Texas, which  is about 80 miles east of Dallas.

About a year ago, I started doing a little photography “on the side”.  It has grown strictly by word-of-mouth.  I thought I would start my own website to just sort of…well…see what happens.

I’ve done a few weddings, engagement photos, senior pictures, and of course, kiddos.  Plus, I take random photos of things that just strike my fancy.

I only do outside photography at the moment because I have NO studio!  I hope to have one, soon. 

Since I’ve only been doing this for a year,  I come very cheap!!  I charge for the CD with tons of images on it, and give you a copyright release to print whatever you like.  I overshoot so there is bound to be something you will like!  I just finished a senior shoot and her CD contained 90 images.  She bought the CD from me for $35.  You can’t beat that!  Weddings are a little more…$75 for the wedding and reception, plus an additional $25 for the rehearsal.  You’ll probably end up with 150-200 photos.  Like I said…I overshoot!

Anyway, take a look around while you’re here.  Put your feet up and sit a spell. 



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